"I chased him, clicking until I got to him, then I socked him a good one…He didn't reckon on me going after him. But I can hear walls, parked cars, you name it. I'm a master at this game." —The Boy Who Sees with Sound

"In 1950, Dr. T.C. Singh, a botany professor from Annamalai University in India, observed the reaction of an electric tuning fork on a type of water plant called Hydrilla. Using a microscope, he observed the hydrilla’s protoplasm while the tuning fork resonated about six feet away. He did this just before sunrise, when the protoplasm was in a state of rest."
"The romantic impulse is strongly supported by the sound design that accentuates the notion of flight. The liftoff is initiated with the chatter of processed radio voices and jet engines, which propel the hovercar upward. The Sounds dissolve into the score by Vangelis, which features an orchestration of spectral voices, chimes, and synthesized tones." —William Whittington
"Reading a book is like walking down a hallway. You start at one end, and finish at the other. Experiencing an interface is like walking into an atrium, with multiple doors around the walls, the floor, and the ceiling." —Cynthia Baron
"Movies are not about depicting reality, no matter how dramatic that reality is. Movies are about playing with reality and telling lots of little lies that in the end point to a more interesting truth than you could ever get at by depicting actual reality." —Randy Thom
"A sound designer has the unique ability to bring types of languages to life that could not occur outside of a technological process. The more you investigate, the more it will become clear how much cultural identity a non-human character can gain by speaking in tongues."
07.18.07: The Lightsaber Sound Cookbook
"Now turn on the two 90Hz sounds, creating a nice balance of the hum and buzz with a lot of body and growl. This is the bottom end of the lightsaber sound which provides the fundamental frequency and most of the girth."
05.07.07: Recording a Biophony
"I kept the H4 inside a plastic bag most of the time, waiting for the boats to leave, the rain to stop, the wind to subside and the loons to come back...Oh, and yes there were airplanes. Lots of airplanes."
12.18.06: Creative License Crossfire
"There are dark forces afoot, darker even than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, because these dark forces are daring to take away something so basic, so human, that it's close to murder." —Heather Lawver
12.04.06: Capturing Environments with a Zoom H4
"The echos were very long, trailing off for almost 8 seconds. By making recordings on various floors, I was able to capture variations in the way the drone and echoing sounds resonated in the stairwell."
11.07.06: InnerAction: Interactive Music and the Inner Self
"By using a wireless headband, a base station, and Brainfire Launcher software, users can create low resolution data streams, via electrical activity in the brain, and with Brainfire, assign that data to any desired function, such as controlling visual effects and playing games."
10.16.06: Creature Sound Design
"It's exhale is just a release of pressurized air, so we could use any similar sound in its place. With a little processing, we could swap it for a flamethrower burst and the scene would gain some energy."
09.25.06: Everything is Vibrating
"If it vibrates it can be tuned. Everything is energy - violins, people, potato chips, thoughts, feelings, and events. They all vibrate." —Deena Spear


Darren Blondin, 2010