An Archive of Fun Stuff

The Spirit of Ray
Mashup of Ray Charles, Norman Greenbaum, ZZ Top and Gary Glitter

This is my first Bootleg and people really seem to like it. I mixed the four songs together in Ableton Live and then added some backing synth with a Nord Lead. Monitoring was done on Ultrasone HFI-750 headphones during the mix, and during the mastering I used the Event 20/20 Bas set and my car CD player. Final mastering tweaks were done with Waves plugins.


The Spirit of Ray.mp3 (5.5MB)

The Mad Crapper
True story, narrated by a fellow student, brought to life in Photoshop and 3DStudio Max

One cold night during the Spring 2007 residency I brought a field recorder into the common room of my dormitory, Doolin, wondering if there would be any interesting conversation sounds going on—the room happened to be pretty full and lively. Somehow we got on the theme of "most embarrassing stories" and we all ended up in tears as we went around the room listening to humiliating secrets over wine and cheese. This is one students shameful story which I recorded and later put to simple visuals.


The Mad Crapper (on YouTube)

Maintaining Discipline
A humorous educational film for teachers

I took the audio from an old educational film, remixed it and then created a cartoon to go along with the sound. The result is rather funny if you can handle the violence!


Maintaining Discipline (on YouTube)

Very strange zero budget camcorder video

Many years ago I created this crazy short video with some friends. I used AfterEffects and 3dStudio Max for the visual effects and Sonar XL for sound mixing.


CAN (on YouTube)








Darren Blondin, 2010